What does successful aging look like to you?

Successful aging means aging with as much physical well-being, financial security and dignity as possible. To this I would add the nebulous but critically important goal of living a life that is satisfying, or at least satisfying enough that the view from your death bed is not one of regret. I co-authored a book about this in 2012 called “How to Live to 100.” While I am not sure I would want to live that long, I am sure that the required elements of a long and successful life are very much worth paying attention to.

Here, then, is a laundry list of aging topics that I hope will help prime your “Ask Phil” pump and prompt questions that you would like addressed.


Purposeful time: volunteering, education, giving back and worship
Leisure time: travel, entertainment and hobbies
Family and social relationships
Estate and legacy issues
What does your finish line look like?


Budget deficits and senior safety nets
Technology, self-driving cars and senior independence
Longevity, demographics and implications for aging
Alzheimer’s and dementia
Long-term care
Who will take care of us?


Budgets and spending
Financial fraud and abuse


Retirement, non-retirement and pre-retirement
Working forever
Encore careers
Workplace issues for older employees


Aging in place at home
Age-friendly homes and communities
Reverse mortgages, home equity and other housing issues
Retirement communities

This list is not meant to be complete or exclusive. If you have questions about other things that are shaping your own experiences with aging, please send them my way.