Get What’s Yours for Medicare

Maximize Your Coverage, Minimize Your Costs

GWY for Medicare has helped countless readers get a better deal on health coverage and avoid serious mistakes in selecting and using their Medicare plans. Most people enter the program after having employer health insurance, which often provides only limited options on the kind of coverage they can get, and which usually pays a large percentage of their premiums.

Medicare has more than 100 private health plans based on where you live — Medicare Advantage Plans, Part D prescription drug plans, and Medigap supplement plans. People often are surprised because Medicare may cost them far more than what they paid while covered by their employer health plan.

GWY for Medicare has all the details on what’s out there and how to use it. While it’s still useful today, Medicare has changed a lot since the 2016 edition was published. A major revision of the book will be published in 2024. Until then, use the current edition in combination with the updates posted in the Ask Phil portion of this site and in my Substack newsletter.

What’s in the book, by chapter:

  1. No One Told Me
  2. Living Longer is Great; Paying for It Isn’t
  3. Leaving the Health Insurance Herd: You’re on Your Own Now
  4. Get It Right the First Time
  5. What Medicare Covers and What It Doesn’t
  6. Medigap: The Glue that Holds Original Medicare Together
  7. The Horse Insurers Want You to Ride: Medicare Advantage Plans
  8. Mugged and Drugged: Part D Prescription Plans
  9. Medicare Money Ball: Financial Help and Pitfalls
  10. When You’re Mad as Hell: Medicare Rights and Appeals
  11. So Many Stars in the Sky: Health Provider Quality Ratings
  12. Fuzzy Reception: How to See Health Care Providers and Networks Clearly
  13. Open Enrollment: How to Fix a Medicare Lemon
  14. What’s Your Endgame? Getting Ready to Not Be Here

No one told me is a scary cautionary Medicare tale that could be the subtitle of this book. It is repeated in countless calls for help from people . . . to Medicare consumer counselors and call-center staffers around the country. And it is voiced even by people who otherwise consider themselves smart and well-informed..

— Get What’s Yours for Medicare

What the Experts Say:

“This comprehensive guide explains how the various pieces of Medicare work, walks you through the enrollment maze, discusses financial help and pitfalls, and helps you choose the best coverage for your circumstances. It should be required reading for everyone approaching age 65.”
The Wall Street Journal

“The indispensable guide to Medicare that does for this essential program what Get What’s Yours does for Social Security.”
— Jane Bryant Quinn, author of How To Make Your Money Last: The Indispensable Retirement Guide.

“Phil Moeller is my pick as travel guide for smarties who had no idea how many potholes we could encounter in the back roads and highways of elder care.”
— Ellen Goodman, Pulitzer prize columnist and founder of the Conversation Project.

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