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Medicare is a far different program than it was eight years ago, when the first edition of this book was published.

What’s New:

  • HEALTH CARE MOVES BACK HOME — Most serious health care is now provided within hospitals and other acute care facilities. They were overwhelmed during the COVID pandemic, triggering new programs approving Medicare coverage for sophisticated, hospital-level care in the patient’s home, including mobile, high-tech medical equipment.

  • A NEW GAME FOR DRUG PRICES — The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act, along with an explosion of retail drug discounters and tougher oversight of pharmacy benefit companies, are reshaping consumer drug prices. Changes include capping out-of-pocket drug expenses for Medicare enrollees and authorizing Medicare to negotiate prices with drug makers for the first time. This fall’s annual enrollment for Part D drug plans will be confusing and challenging for consumers.

  • NON-MEDICAL CARE — Medicare traditionally has provided insurance coverage only for medically necessary care. It is now covering non-medical care, such as healthy food and safe housing, that improves patient health. Growth in non-medical coverage of what are called “social determinants of health” is offering Medicare users access to many new benefits. Most consumers know little or nothing about these significant new benefits.

  • MANAGED CARE HEADACHES — Private Medicare Advantage plans were relatively new in 2016 but now have captured more than half the Medicare market. They cover a growing list of things that consumers like, including dental, hearing, and vision care. They’ve also created problems that consumers don’t like, including misleading sales practices, restrictions and denials for insured care, and unfair business practices.
  • NEW CARE RULES FOR DOCTORS AND HOSPITALS — Medicare is shifting millions of beneficiaries away from traditional Medicare into new, value-based health organizations that are rewarded for care that produces healthier patients. This movement away from fee-based care, which encourages unneeded and low-value care, is an enormous change for consumers.

If you are on Medicare or soon will be, you need this book.

Understanding how Medicare works is essential to your health, but as Medicare benefits have expanded, they’re become more complicated—and confusing. Get What’s Yours for Medicare is the authoritative guide. It explains when to enroll in Medicare, how to pick the best plans, and, most importantly, how to use Medicare to find high-quality, affordable health care. The book also looks ahead to changes that will shape future Medicare coverage.

Get What’s Yours for Medicare explains how Medicare recipients can use the annual enrollment period to improve their coverage. Insurance plans change every year, saving consumers a lot of money if they know how to shop for the best deal – or costing them if they don’t. The book explains these choices, including the plusses and minuses of Medicare Advantage, which has become the leading insurance plan for seniors.

There is solid research that people who make smart Medicare choices live longer, healthier lives. Reading Get What’s Yours for Medicare will help you become one of them!

What’s in the new edition, by chapter:

  1. Get It Right!
  2. Medicare Rules: There’s No Insurance for Complexity
  3. Original Medicare and Medigap Supplements
  4. Medicare Advantage Plans
  5. A Ray of Hope for Drug Prices
  6. Medicare and Employer Plans
  7. Medicare Quality, Accessibility, and Affordability
  8. Value-Based Care and Accountable Care Organizations
  9. Social Determinants of Health and Medicare
  10. Health Care Returns Home
  11. How to Make This Book (Nearly) Timeless

2016 Edition

What the Experts Said:

“This comprehensive guide explains how the various pieces of Medicare work, walks you through the enrollment maze, discusses financial help and pitfalls, and helps you choose the best coverage for your circumstances. It should be required reading for everyone approaching age 65.”
The Wall Street Journal

“The indispensable guide to Medicare that does for this essential program what Get What’s Yours does for Social Security.”
— Jane Bryant Quinn, author of How To Make Your Money Last: The Indispensable Retirement Guide.

“Phil Moeller is my pick as travel guide for smarties who had no idea how many potholes we could encounter in the back roads and highways of elder care.”
— Ellen Goodman, Pulitzer prize columnist and founder of the Conversation Project.

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