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From 2008 to 2013, Phil wrote “The Best Life” column about aging, retirement, and health care. U.S. News has deactivated links to older columns and the ones at the end of this list will disappear over time as well. Like food products, some of these older columns have not aged well! Look first for more recent posts on topics you find relevant.


09.25.13          Countdown to Obamacare: What Employers Should Tell You About Your Coverage
09.23.13          Countdown to Obamacare: The Penalties for Uninsured Americans
09.20.13          Countdown to Obamacare: A Consumer’s Toolbox
09.18.13          Countdown to Obamacare: How Will My Health Insurance Change?
09.16.13          The Rush to Solve Long-Term Care Needs, Funding Issues
09.11.13          Tools to Better Understand Your 401(k)
09.09.13          Longevity Annuities Growing in Popularity
09.06.13          Living with ALS: The Caregiver’s Burdens
09.04.13          Why Caregivers Are an Endangered Species

08.29.13          Michael Graves’ Vision: Making Hospitals More Fashionable
08.28.13          Study Finds Seniors Are Living Longer, Healthier Lives
08.27.13          4 Reasons Aging is a Good Thing
08.26.13          Baby Boomers Find Second Careers With Encore U
08.22.13          Is it Time to Change Social Security Taxation?
08.21.13          3 Reasons to Delay Retirement
08.20.13          Aging Insights: Residents Share What It’s Like To Live in a Retirement Community
08.19.13          What to Look For When Shopping For a Retirement Community
08.14.13          Do You Have a Retirement Care Plan?
08.13.13          Tips for Saving Money on Insurance
08.12.13          How Unemployment is Devastating Retiree Well-Being
08.08.13          How Obamacare Will Affect Health Insurance Rates by Age Group
08.07.13          How to Reinvent the Workplace to Satisfy Baby Boomers
08.06.13          How to Find Shelter From Financial Storms
08.05.13          7 Ways Retirement Is a Young Person’s Issue
08.01.13          A Word Retirement Savers Must Learn: Fiduciary

07.31.13          Celebrating Old Age Should Happen Every Day
07.30.13          How to Prepare to Financially Support Aging Parents
07.29.13          AARP, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Partner on Retirement Plans
07.25.13          The Newest Health Care Worker May Be Your Handyman
07.24.13          Living with ALS: Seeking Independence and Identity
07.23.13          Retirement Communities May Provide Big Tax Breaks
07.22.13          Dear Sons: Can We Talk About Death And Dying?
07.18.13          Age Bias Laws Might Not Help Older Workers
07.17.13          How Technology Will Support an Aging America
07.16.13          Medicare, Social Security Are Bargains for Beneficiaries
07.15.13          10 Good Things About Obamacare
07.11.13          Making Sure Your End-of-Life Wishes Are Followed
07.10.13          What’s Under the Hood of Your Target-Date Fund
07.09.13          When to Convert Your Savings Into an Annuity
07.08.13          How Rising Interest Rates Affect Retirement
07.03.13          Why You Should Give Annuities a Serious Look
07.02.13          Retirement Makeovers for Your Money and Home
07.01.13          Supreme Court Ruling Creates Confusion Over Social Security Benefits for Same-Sex Couples

06.28.13          Where Will You Get Health Insurance in 2014?
06.26.13          Employees Demanding More Retirement Help From Bosses
06.25.13          9 Employment Tips for Older Job Seekers
06.24.13          Study: More Caregivers Seeking Health Information Online
06.20.13          Retirement Shortfall May Top $14 Trillion
06.19.13          Challenges of an Aging American Workforce
06.18.13          5 Tips for Savvy Target-Date Fund Investing
06.17.13          Living a Good Life Includes Preparing for Death
06.13.13          Markets Believe Interest Rates Are Headed Up
06.12.13          Now’s the Time to Tackle Tax Reform
06.11.13          8 Retirement Investing Essentials
06.10.13          Social Security Needs to Prepare for Aging Americans
06.07.13          Living with ALS: Learning to Live with Limits
06.06.13          Living with ALS: Medical Gains Can’t Come Fast Enough
06.05.13          Living with ALS: Money Issues Need Care as Well
06.04.13          Living with ALS: One Day at a Time

05.31.13          Social Security Deficit Outlook Remains Unchanged
05.29.13          The Search for Better Retirement Plans
05.28.13          Why It’s Time to Retire the Idea of Retirement
05.24.13          How to Track All Your Money From One Place
05.22.13          Don’t Get ‘Framed’ When Claiming Social Security
05.21.13          Why Social Security Needs Separate Treatment
05.20.13          5 Ways Money Can Buy Happiness
05.17.13          Gen X and Late Baby Boomers Face Bleak Retirements
05.15.13          Failed Retirements a Growing Global Concern
05.14.13          6 Key Steps in Retirement Planning
05.13.13          10 Reasons Critical Illnesses Pose Retirement Risk
05.10.13          The Real Obstacle of Health Insurance Exchanges: American Consumers
05.08.13          How to Talk to Parents About Their End-of-Life Wishes
05.07.13          10 Retirement Concerns to Prepare For
05.06.13          Retirement Challenges Loom Larger for Women
05.03.13          How to Turn Your Home Into a Pension
05.01.13          10 Ways to Stay Mentally Young

04.30.13          How to Build Your Retirement Money Plan
04.29.13          How to Become a Savvy Nursing-Home Shopper
04.26.13          15 Ways Our Financial Decisions Cost Us
04.25.13          How to Do Your Homework on Health Care Reform
04.23.13          Video: Job and Career Tips for Older Workers
04.22.13          Chained CPI: Social Security Friend or Foe?
04.19.13          Financial Advisers Abusing Senior Specialist Labels
04.17.13          Long-Term Care Expenses Could Swamp Medicaid
04.16.13          Video: Health Experts Provide Advice on Living to 100
04.15.13          Retirement Crisis a ‘Looming Catastrophe’ for Boomers?
04.12.13          Video: Happiness Experts Provide Advice on Living to 100
04.10.13          Want to Live a Long Time? Pay Attention
04.09.13          Long-Term Care Costs Favor Home-Based Treatment
04.08.13          Affordable Care Act Coverage: 5 Key Numbers
04.04.13          Green House Building New Senior Living Model
04.02.13          8 Financial Strategies for a Long Life
04.01.13          How to Improve Social Security at No Cost

03.28.13          Employer Health and Retirement Plans Converging
03.26.13          7 Tips for Coping With a Smaller Government
03.25.13          Should Long-Term Care Be an Entitlement?
03.21.13          Despite Recovery, Retirements Still Shaky
03.20.13          What Seniors Should Expect from Aging in Place Villages
03.19.13          Social Security ‘Reforms’ Are Never Far Away
03.18.13          Employers Slowly Enrich Programs for Older Workers
03.15.13          How Elder-Friendly is Your Community?
03.13.13          Do You Recognize These Lessons of Longevity?
03.12.13          5 Ways to Keep Money All in the Family
03.11.13          Reasons to Have That End-of-Life Conversation
03.08.13          13 Social Security Planning Questions
03.06.13          How the ReServe Program Helps Older Workers
03.05.13          Why Immigration Reform Is a Big Senior Issue
03.04.13          Why Social Security Benefits Require Careful Study
03.01.13          Why Retirees Are a Threatened Species

02.27.13          Strong Links to a Healthy Life All Around Us
02.26.13          How to Develop Effective End-of-Life Plans
02.22.13          How to Use Expanded Free Senior Health Services
02.20.13          What You Need to Know About Long-Term Care Insurance
02.19.13          What You Need to Know About Long-Term Care
02.15.13          Can Technology Reinvent How We Care for Seniors?
02.13.13          What’s Your Social Security Break-Even Age?
02.12.13          Rising 401(k) Balances Helping Retirements Recover
02.11.13          6 Realities of the ‘New Normal’ for Seniors
02.08.13          401(k) Plan Trustee Conflicts Alleged
02.06.13          Time to Rethink Home as Retirement Nest Egg
02.05.13          Preventing Falls in Older Age Is Essential
02.04.13          The Kind of Government We Want, At Least for a Day

01.31.13          The Big Money Communication Gap Between Adult Children and Parents
01.29.13          Senior Employment Driven By Choice, Not Need
01.28.13          Surge in Older Workers Continues
01.25.13          7 Key Issues for Seniors in 2013
01.23.13          What You Need to Know About Palliative Care
01.22.13          Working Longer: Still the Best Path to a Better Retirement
01.18.13          How Healthcare Spending May Derail Your Retirement
01.16.13          How Generations Can Thrive Under the Same Roof
01.15.13          AARP Maps Fight to Rebuild Middle Class
01.14.13          Why Aren’t You Raising Your Financial IQ?
01.11.13         Homeowner Prospects Are Looking Up for Seniors
01.09.13          How to Turn Life’s Challenges Into Positive Outcomes
01.08.13          Retirement Risks for Women
01.07.13          Government Plans Big Reverse-Mortgage Curbs
01.03.13          8 Ways the New Tax Law Helps Older Americans
01.02.13          Top Financial Trends and Tips for Aging Americans


12.31.12          Congress Again Falls Short in Fiscal Cliff Talks
12.27.12          Healthy Seniors Found to Retain Financial IQ
12.26.12          8 Important Retirement Money Questions for 2013
12.21.12          12 Gifts for People with Physical Restrictions
12.19.12          How Chained CPI Affects Social Security COLA
12.18.12          Digital Stories Preserve and Share Memories
12.17.12          Take a Look at Your Fiscal-Cliff Tax Exposure
12.14.12          How Proposals to Raise Medicare, Social Security Ages Can Harm Americans
12.12.12          Learning How to Make Solid Retirement Choices
12.11.12          Defensive Money Moves to Counter the Fiscal Cliff
12.10.12          How to Build a Fiscal Cliff Scorecard
12.07.12          Encore Careers Visionary Pushes Social Change
12.07.12          10 Inspirational Senior Entrepreneurs
12.04.12          What Does Your Retirement Mecca Look Like?

11.30.12          Social Security Tax Breaks Drive New Retirement Strategy
11.27.12          7 Planning Steps for Middle-Income Retirements
11.26.12          Don’t Ignore These Old-Age Needs
11.21.12          21 Questions to Test Your Retirement Smarts
11.20.12          Protecting Elders From Financial Abuse
11.19.12          Our Message to Washington: Time to Balance the Budget
11.16.12          Why It’s Time for Variable Annuities to Change
11.14.12          Fiscal Cliff Shouldn’t Change Your Financial Plans
11.13.12          The Big Downside of Raising the Retirement Age
11.12.12          Why America Must Understand These Real Retirement Risks
11.09.12          Health Reform, Now Real, Is Just Around the Corner
11.08.12          $5 Trillion Price Tag for Public Pensions
11.07.12          Senior Entrepreneurs Find Senior Care a Great Fit
11.05.12          10 Common Money Problems That Need Fixing Now
11.02.12          6 Things Aging Parents Can Do for Their Children

10.31.12          Preparing Your Home for an Older You
10.29.12          How Will Seniors Use Their Rising Political Clout?
10.26.12          How to Get Social Security Direct Deposit
10.24.12          Medicare Too Complex for Many Seniors
10.23.12          20 Practical Ways Seniors Can Cut Expenses
10.22.12          10 Glimmers of Light Amidst Economic Gloom
10.19.12          Social Security Makes Even More Public Service Cuts
10.17.12          Dividend Stocks to Suit All Appetites for Risk
10.16.12          Social Security COLA to Rise 1.7% in 2013
10.15.12          Fiscal Cliff or Not, Deep Cuts Must Occur
10.12.12          Reverse Mortgages Fail to Broaden Appeal
10.10.12          A Closer Look at America’s Aging Workforce
10.09.12          Medicare Open Enrollment Tips for 2013
10.05.12          Pretirement: A New Stage of Life
10.03.12          Estate-Tax Changes Would Affect More Than the Super-Rich
10.02.12          8 Long-Term Retirement Planning Realities
10.01.12          Driverless Cars Promise Seniors Independence

09.28.12          How Family Ties Shape Retirement Success
09.25.12          22 Steps to a Happier Life
09.21.12          Major Health Reform Changes Effective in 2012
09.19.12          Major Health Reform Changes Effective in 2011
09.18.12          Major Health Reform Changes Effective Since 2010
09.17.12          Tracking Health Reform Changes Already in Effect
09.14.12          Medicare, Social Security Literally Extend Lives
09.12.12          7 Strategies to Slim Down Spending
09.10.12          Where the Jobs Will Be in 2020
09.05.12          Redefining Aging: What It Means to Grow Old
09.04.12          Consumers Continue to Cut Debt and Repair Finances

08.31.12          Imagine an Economic Ice Age in the United States
08.29.12          Get Ready for 5 Key Money Changes in 2013
08.28.12          Older Entrepreneurs Active, But Pace is Down
08.27.12          America is Hurting Financially, But Seniors Aren’t
08.24.12          5 Reasons Older Folks Tune Out the News
08.22.12          New 401(k) Expense Reports Greeted with Yawns
08.21.12          Is Our Aging Population Partly to Blame for the Slow Recovery?
08.20.12          Medicare Election Season: Fact and Fiction
08.17.12          Health Reform Testing Home-Based Care
08.15.12          Social Security Will Soon End Paper Checks
08.14.12          4 Ways to Include a Home in Your Estate Plans
08.13.12          Education: A Predictor of Longer Life
08.10.12          Health Reform Brings Standard Consumer Disclosures
08.08.12          Longevity: Make It For Better, Not Worse
08.07.12          Here are the Best Places to Live—in 2032
08.07.12          The Best U.S. States to Live in 2032
08.06.12          10 Things Aging Americans Want
08.03.12          Health Reform All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go
08.01.12          Provo, Utah Tops Best Cities for Successful Aging List

07.31.12          Closed-End Funds and the Search for Returns
07.31.12          The 10 Biggest Closed-End Funds
07.30.12          22 Ideas for Better Retirements for Women
07.27.12          How New Health Insurance Subsidies Will Work
07.25.12          Target-Date Funds Now Look Like Other Mutuals
07.25.12          Target-Date Fund Performance by Fund Years
07.24.12          Incontinence Afflicts More Than 10% of Americans
07.23.12          Tips on Social Security Spousal Benefits
07.20.12          How Personal Health Reform Taxes Will Work
07.18.12          Here Are the Best Places to Live—in 2032
07.18.12          Best U.S. Regions to Live in 2032 (SLIDESHOW)
07.17.12          How to Start Your Own Aging-in-Place Program
07.16.12          Baby Boomers Get on With Life on Their Terms
07.13.12          How the Health Insurance Mandate Penalty Will Work
07.11.12          How Caregivers Vacation With Dementia Victims
07.10.12          8 Retirement Realities in a Stumbling Economy
07.09.12          Annual Social Security Statement: A Key Guide
07.06.12          Financial Safeguards Needed as Senior Divorces Soar
07.03.12          10 Must-Have Retirement Needs
07.02.12          Consumers Must Be Focus of Recovery Efforts

06.29.12          Seniors Win Big in Court’s Obamacare Ruling
06.27.12          Why Investment Brokers Provide Poor Advice
06.26.12          8 Building Blocks for a Solid Retirement
06.25.12          Age Wave Creates Nation of Elder Caregivers
06.22.12          State Retirement Benefit Gap Getting Wider
06.20.12          4 Mid-Year Resolutions for a Better Retirement
06.19.12          Slow and Steady Wins the Life-Insurance Race
06.18.12          How Obamacare Ruling May Affect Senior Healthcare
06.15.12          How Nursing Home Stays Ravage Finances
06.13.12          How to Use New 401(k) Fee Reports
06.12.12          Exercise is Key to Successful Aging
06.11.12          How to Bring Hospital Care to Your Home
06.08.12          Get Ready for the Coming Social Security Fight
06.06.12          Why Retirement Prospects Are Brighter Than They Seem
06.05.12          Use of High-Deductible Health Plans Soars
06.04.12          LGBT Retirees Face Tax and Estate Hurdles
06.01.12          How State and Local Taxes Shape Your Retirement

05.30.12          Why Annuities Can Be a Strong Retirement Tool
05.29.12          Are 401(k)s Too Complex?
05.25.12          Plan to Cure Alzheimer’s Affects Decisions Now
05.23.12          Investment Challenges are Changing Traditional Advice
05.22.12          10 Healthcare Trends for Older Americans
05.21.12          Family Values, Not Money, Is Best Legacy
05.18.12          Take Time for 3-Step Benefits Checkup
05.16.12          Are Older Workers Taking Jobs From the Young?
05.15.12          15 Decisions to Achieve Retirement Readiness
05.14.12          Is It Time to Rethink 401(k)s?
05.11.12          How to Improve Social Security for Women
05.09.12          401(k) Plan Sponsors: Workers Can’t Afford to Retire
05.08.12          Community Colleges Welcome Older Students
05.07.12          Medical Costs Derail Comfortable Retirements
05.04.12          5 Steps to Greater Retirement Self-Reliance
05.02.12          3 Inconvenient Truths About Taxes
05.01.12          10 Ways Older People Withdraw from Life

04.30.12          Why Employers Value Older Workers
04.27.12          The Case for Fixing Social Security Right Now
04.25.12          10 Ways to Save Money on Insurance
04.24.12          Retirement Outside United States More Rhetoric than Reality
04.23.12          Social Security, Medicare Outlooks Worsen
04.20.12          What the Longevity Economy Could Mean for You
04.18.12          Long-Term Care Needs Demand Your Attention Now
04.17.12          Seniors: How to Put Together the Right Medical Team
04.16.12          6 Top Retirement Investments Not About Money
04.13.12          Why Nursing-Home Staffing Is Crucial to Health
04.12.12          Religion Makes People Happier—But Why?
04.11.12          Generations Faring Well in Expanded Households
04.11.12          Happier People Deal Better with Hardships
04.10.12          Why the Early-Retirement Trend Reversed in 2011
04.10.12          Why Learning Leads to Happiness
04.09.12          How Delaying Retirement Can Help You
04.09.12          Why Seeking More Money Hurts Happiness
04.06.12          8 Ways to Improve Senior Housing
04.05.12          Why Our Homes Make Us Happy
04.04.12          Senior Centers Export Services to People at Home
04.04.12          Why Helping Others Makes Us Happy
04.03.12          How to Find Happiness at Work
04.02.12          Families Are Changing, But Still Key to Happiness

03.30.12          Older Women Face Serious Money Inequality
03.29.12          How to Be Happy—Despite Parenthood
03.29.12          How to Live Alone Without Being Lonely
03.28.12          10 Great Opportunities for Older Volunteers
03.27.12          How to Protect Yourself from Bad Break-Ups
03.27.12          The Easiest Way to Get People to Save More
03.26.12          How to Get Marital Benefits—Sans Marriage
03.26.12          Top 10 Reasons to Hire Older People
03.23.12          How Good is Your Community’s Healthcare?
03.23.12          Top 10 U.S. Places for Healthcare
03.22.12          Why Marriage Makes People Happy
03.21.12          Senior Healthcare and Financial Crisis Returns
03.20.12          AARP Moves to Protect Social Security and Medicare
03.19.12          3 Ways Low Interest Rates Hurt Seniors
03.16.12          Reverse Mortgage Borrowers Younger and in Debt
03.16.12          How to Find Happiness on Social Networks
03.15.12          Why Good Friends Make You Happy
03.14.12          6 Reasons Why You Should Never Retire
03.13.12          The State of the (Retirement) Union is Weak
03.12.12          Financial Exhaustion Hitting Many Seniors
03.09.12          How to be Environmentally Green Even in Death
03.07.12          Top 10 U.S. Cities for Well-Being
03.06.12          Is Retirement Advice Biased Against You?
03.05.12          Fraud: A Boomer Growth Industry
03.01.12          Best and Worst Places for Senior Money Security

02.29.12          Smart Ways for Seniors to Tap Home Equity
02.28.12          3 Reasons to Consider Medical Tourism
02.27.12          Technology Still a Big Disconnect for Older Americans
02.24.12          Health: The Biggest Determinant of Your Retirement Security
02.23.12          9 Key Ages for Retirement Money Decisions
02.22.12          Longevity Is for the Young, Too
02.17.12          Near-Zero Interest Rates Challenge Old Bond Portfolio Rules
02.15.12          How Spending Priorities Change as We Age
02.14.12          10 Smart Money Tips for 2012
02.13.12          5 Reasons It’s OK to Feel Good About the Economy
02.10.12          Do You Face ‘Money Death’ in Old Age?
02.09.12          4 Keys to a Solid Financial and Retirement Plan
02.07.12          Lower Medicare Advantage Premiums Attract Seniors
02.06.12          4 Ways New Annuity Rules Will Help Retirees
02.03.12          Senior Support Programs Still Bleeding Red Ink
02.01.12          How to Prepare for a Deflationary World

01.31.12          Investors Scramble as Fed Extends Low Rate Policy
01.30.12          Reverse Mortgages: Big Potential, Small Results
01.27.12          Why Consumers Struggle to Understand Healthcare
01.25.12          Posthumous Births: An Emerging Estate Challenge
01.24.12          How to Succeed at Juggling Caregiving Burdens
01.23.12          Senior Finances and the Great Entitlements Debate
01.20.12          How to Find Happiness by Spending Less
01.18.12          The Outlook for Senior Jobs in 2012
01.17.12          National Alzheimer’s Plan Faces Long Journey
01.12.12          Great Ideas for Senior-Friendly Communities
01.12.12          10 Things States Are Doing to Make Senior-Friendly Communities
01.10.12          What to do About Retiree Healthcare Costs
01.09.12          10 Great Dividend Stocks for 2012
01.06.12          How to Find the Safest Returns in 2012
01.05.12          8 Steps for Building Solid Estate Plans
01.03.12          Key Economic Indicators to Watch in 2012


12.30.11          10 Trends from 2011 We Don’t Want to See in 2012
12.28.11          6 Basics for a Solid Retirement Plan
12.27.11          Seniors Offer Wise Ways to Achieve Best Lives
12.23.11          Release of Medicare Claims Info a Game-Changer
12.21.11          Get Ready for New 2012 Investment Tax Rules
12.20.11          How Ready Are You for Long-Term Care?
12.19.11          Public Still Not Buying Divisive Attacks on Rich
12.16.11          Unmet Challenges for an Aging America
12.14.11          How to Build the Best Retirement Spending Plan
12.13.11          Do 401(k)s Match Traditional Pensions?
12.12.11          Playing Politics With Social Security
12.09.11          Tablets and TVs Top 2011 Holiday Gift Lists
12.07.11          Why Reverse Mortgage Delinquencies Are Extensive
12.06.11          Popular Social Security Claiming Strategies
12.05.11          Is an Extended Senior Career in Your Future?
12.02.11          How to Cope with Constant Market Turmoil

11.30.11          6 Key Money Issues for Seniors in 2012
11.29.11          Make a Housing Plan for Retirement
11.28.11          Big Drug Hikes in Some 2012 Medicare Plans
11.23.11          Talking Turkey About Aging and Retirement
11.22.11          How to Downsize Your Possessions
11.21.11          Year-End Tax Planning Tips for Seniors
11.18.11          Estate Plans Reeling from ‘Volatility Fatigue’
11.16.11          Family Caregiving Needs Likely to Soar
11.15.11          Looking at Aging with Fresh Eyes
11.14.11          New Financial Standards for Reverse Mortgages
11.11.11          Rising Senior Wealth Not True for All
11.09.11          How to Size Up Your Retirement Nest Egg
11.08.11          How to Move Ahead When the Economy Is Stuck
11.07.11          For Seniors, There Are No Small Benefit Cuts
11.04.11          How the Housing Crisis Reshaped Retirement
11.03.11          When Your Boss is Younger than Your Child
11.01.11          How to Prepare for Your Long-Term Care Needs

10.31.11          How the Supercommittee Deficit Plan May Affect Seniors
10.28.11          2012 Medicare Plans Will Lower Some Costs
10.26.11          How You Can Protect Your Pension Benefits
10.25.11          6 Retiree Issues That Must Be Addressed
10.24.11          Why is the Social Security Hike Seen as Bad News?
10.21.11          How to Build Your Retirement Dream Team
10.19.11          2012 Social Security Payments to Rise 3.6%
10.18.11          6 Tips for Evaluating Longevity Insurance
10.17.11          15 Things You Need to Know for Retirement
10.14.11          Social Security’s Shifting Role in Retirement Plans
10.13.11          Billions in Social Security Not Being Claimed
10.12.11          Use New Medicare Ratings to Select a 2012 Plan
10.11.11          4 Signs Economy is Heading Up for Seniors
10.07.11          Retirement Plans That Weather Economic Storms
10.05.11          Include Medigap in Your 2012 Medicare Review
10.04.11          Generic Drug Savings in 2012 Medicare Plans
10.03.11          Understanding Your 2012 Medicare Enrollment Statements

09.29.11          Forget the Sunbelt: Colder Areas Top New List of Best Cities for Seniors
09.29.11          Top 10 Cities for Senior Living
09.28.11          Ways to Save During Medicare Open Enrollment
09.27.11          How Credit Counselors Can Help Mend Your Finances
09.26.11          4 Ways to Trim Your Housing Costs Now
09.09.11          How Annuities Can Shine in Risky Markets
09.08.11          Older Clients Require Special Financial Planning Help
09.07.11          9 Rules for Retiree Jobs and Social Security
09.06.11          5 Steps to a Family Caregiving Agreement
09.02.11          Target-Date Funds Proving a ‘Set and Forget’ Choice

08.31.11          Medicare Plans Offer Too Many Choices
08.30.11          Most Active Funds Continue to Trail Index Performance
08.29.11          4 Benefits of a Surging Senior Population
08.24.11          Pat Summitt, at 59, Takes on Alzheimer’s
08.24.11          Understanding the Impact of Poverty
08.23.11          The Future of Social Security
08.22.11          Is It Time to Rethink Your Mutual Fund Picks?
08.19.11          Get Ready for 2012 Social Security, Medicare Changes
08.18.11          Tips on TIPS: Treasury Inflation Protected Securities
08.17.11          3 Arguments for Delaying Retirement
08.15.11          Seniors Are Saying No to High Tech
08.12.11          Near-Zero Interest Rates: Good, Bad, and Ugly
08.10.11          Solid Dividend Stocks Remain Investor Refuge
08.09.11          How to Save on Insurance Costs
08.08.11          Nursing Homes Squeezed by Medicare Cuts
08.05.11          Medicare Drug Premiums Won’t Rise in 2012
08.03.11          Retirement Community Prices May Turn Up
08.02.11          How to Use Annuities for Retirement Income
08.01.11          5 Ways to Battle Economic Storm Facing Seniors

07.29.11          10 Ways to Get Americans Spending Again
07.29.11          Getting Shoppers Back in the Game
07.28.11          How to Cut Your Drug Costs
07.27.11          7 Lifestyle Behaviors Linked to Alzheimer’s
07.25.11          6 Likely Social Security Changes
07.22.11          Do We All Live in Central Falls?
07.20.11          Retirement Woes May Be Exaggerated
07.18.11          5 Predatory Money Pitches to Watch Out For  RP
07.18.11          10 Tips for Caring for Aging Parents
07.15.11          Understanding a Key Tax Break at Senior Communities
07.13.11          Social Security Statements Remain Unavailable
07.11.11          4 Key Retiree Issues in Budget Deal
07.07.11          The 10 Top-Rated 401(k) Plans
07.05.11          5 Retirement Strategies for Uncertain Times
07.01.11          Seniors Don’t Pay Full Medicare, Social Security Share

06.28.11          Older Populations Soar as Age Trend Accelerates
06.27.11          Debt Ceiling and Budget Cuts Take Center Stage
06.24.11          How to Tune Up Your Retirement Plan
06.24.11          10 Steps to Fine-Tune Your Retirement Plan
06.22.11          Reverse Mortgage Problems Raising Red Flags
06.20.11          When Downsizing, Renting Often Beats Buying
06.16.11          Protecting Senior Benefits Puts Medicaid at Risk
06.15.11          ETFs Slowly Moving Into 401(k) Plans
06.13.11          When to Convert Your Savings Into an Annuity
06.10.11          Why Working Longer Won’t Close Retirement Shortfalls
06.08.11          The Secret to Sharply Cutting 401(k) Fees
06.06.11          7 Strategies to Avoid Bad Investment Moves
06.02.11          Smart Strategies for Older Job Seekers

05.31.11          8 Retirement Investing Essentials
05.26.11          A Look at How IRA Owners Invest
05.25.11          Living Well Should Include Planning for Death
05.23.11          A Dozen Big Changes in Perceptions About Retirement
05.20.11          Deficit Crisis Threatens Once-Untouchable Tax Breaks
05.20.11          Top 10 Individual Tax Breaks
05.20.11          Top 10 Corporate Tax Breaks
05.18.11          Consumers Map Best Retirement Planning Moves
05.16.11          Time Running Out for Medicare Fix
05.13.11          Begin Social Security Benefits for the Right Reasons
05.10.11          Cost of Long-Term Care Rises in Institutions, Stays Flat at Home
05.09.11          6 Ways to Plan for Your Later Years
05.06.11          4 Fixes for Behavioral Investing Mistakes
05.04.11          Just Like Social Security, the Pension System Needs Fixing
05.02.11          Don’t Take Life Insurance Payouts for Granted

04.29.11          Blockbuster Drugs That Will Go Generic Soon
04.27.11          10 Retirement Issues That Are Here to Stay
04.25.11          Why the iPad Appeals to Older Users
04.22.11          Why Seniors Should Embrace Higher Oil Prices
04.21.11          Public in Denial About Cost of Fiscal Fix
04.20.11          3 Steps to Turn Nest Eggs Into Retiree Income
04.18.11          How the Budget Deficit Could Lead to Generational Warfare
04.15.11          10 Best Places for Older Employees
04.15.11          In Pictures: 10 Best Places for Older Employees

04.13.11          Why Tax Rates are Low but Opposition Is High
04.11.11          5 Reasons You Need a Long-Term Care Plan
04.08.11          The Key to a Long Life: Conscientious Habits
04.06.11          How the GOP Budget Plan Would Transform Medicare
04.04.11          How to Help Retirees Stay in Their Homes
04.01.11          AARP Conflicts Alleged in GOP Attack

03.30.11          Public Pension Plans Have Time to Recover
03.21.11          8 Ways to Manage a Longer Life
03.18.11          4 Ways Your Home Can Pay You
03.18.11          10 Ways Your Home Can Pay You Money SLIDESHOW
03.15.11          Retirement Outlooks Continue to Worsen
03.14.11          What’s Your City’s Recovery Ranking?
03.11.11          How to Get Ready for Smaller Government
03.08.11          Retirement Security: A Thing of the Past?
03.07.11          What You Need to Know About Social Security Reform
03.04.11          Smart Tips for Parent-Child Family Finances
03.02.11          Reverse Mortgages Face Another Makeover

02.28.11          3 Changes That Could Improve Retirement
02.25.11          How to Ensure Your Last Wishes Are Carried Out
02.23.11          Many Retirement Communities Still Await Recovery
02.22.11          How to Overcome 12 Retirement Challenges
02.18.11          Older Buyers a Growing Market for Automakers
02.18.11          10 Cars Older Drivers Love
02.16.11          Obama’s 6 Social Security Principles
02.14.11          Seniors ‘Near Poverty’ at Risk in Deficit Cuts
02.11.11          Immigration Reform: A Key Retirement Issue
02.09.11          How to Decide if an Annuity is Right for You
02.07.11          How to Put Your Retirement Back on Track
02.04.11          Make Time for Free Preventive Health Services
02.02.11          Why We’re Not Wired for Successful Retirements

01.31.11          4 Retirement Pillars Have Serious Cracks
01.28.11          Senior Villages Take Root as Movement Matures
01.28.11          10 Senior-Smart Community Ideas (SLIDESHOW)
01.26.11          Public Supports Continued Strong Senior Benefits
01.24.11          New Guide to Avoid and Treat Elderly Falls
01.21.11          Should You Sell Your Life Insurance Policy?
01.19.11          Real Resolutions for the New Year
01.18.11          What Senior Workers Want as the Economy Improves
01.14.11          How to Make Multigenerational Living Work
01.12.11          The Graying of American Housing Continues
01.10.11          Delinquency Crisis Hits Reverse Mortgages
01.07.11          Steps Women Must Take for Better Retirements
01.05.11          Social Security, Medicare a Bargain for Many
01.03.11          11 Key Numbers to Watch in 2011


12.29.10          2011 Tax Outlook for Seniors
12.27.10          10 Reasons to Feel Optimistic About the Future
12.22.10          Senior Safety Nets at Risk in 2011
12.20.10          5 Big Money Uncertainties for Retirees
12.17.10          2011 Outlook for Senior Healthcare
12.14.10          Baby Boomers to Inherit Up to $11.6 Trillion
12.13.10          5 Financial Skills Prized in a Tough Economy
12.10.10          The Best Holiday Gifts for Seniors– SLIDE SHOW
12.08.10          Best Places for Military Retirees – SLIDE SHOW
12.07.10          Retirees Largely Shut Out of Obama Tax Compromise
12.03.10          Investment Advice for Upper-Middle-Income Retirees
12.03.10          6 Tips for Judging Tax and Spending Reforms
12.02.10          Retirement Advice for Middle-Income Retirees
12.01.10          Retirement Advice for Upper-Middle-Income Preretirees

11.30.10          Retirement Advice for Middle-Income Preretirees
11.30.10          Progressive Budget Fix Spends Now to Spur Growth
11.29.10          Finally, Retirement Help for the Rest of Us
11.19.10          Encore Careers Combine Innovation and Giving Back
11.19.10          10 Seniors Thriving in Encore Careers
11.17.10          Why Washington Must Be Put on a Tough Allowance
11.15.10          Wii Sports Click with Seniors’ Groups
11.12.10          7 Medicare 2011 Enrollment Tips
11.10.10          Alzheimer’s Research Efforts Need Volunteers
11.08.10          10 Must-Have iPad Apps for Seniors
11.05.10          How to Find Your Best Place to Retire
11.03.10          8 Alzheimer’s Financial Protection Tips
11.01.10          Election Guide Posts Candidates’ Stands on Senior Issues

10.29.10          Raising Social Security Retirement Age Is No Simple Fix
10.27.10          Nursing Home Costs Continue to Rise in 2010
10.25.10          Healthcare Spending Tab Threatens Retirement
10.22.10          8 Savings Tips for Older Consumers
10.20.10          10 Mixed-Up Money Messes We Need to Simplify
10.18.10          Get Ready for the Seniors’ Movement
10.15.10          Zero Social Security COLA Again for 2011
10.13.10          7 Keys to the Right Senior Day Service
10.12.10          Senior Safety Nets Held Firm in 2009
10.07.10          10 Reasons Seniors Continue to Work
10.07.10          Work Until 100, Just Like Warren Buffett Plans
10.04.10          5 Major Money Issues for Seniors in 2011
10.01.10          The New Reverse Mortgage: 4 Things You Should Know

09.30.10          How to Make Your Home Age-Friendly
09.27.10          6 Big Pluses for Foreign Retirement
09.22.10          20 Needless Expenses for Many Seniors
09.20.10          Why Social Security is Your Best Investment
09.15.10          How to Evaluate Retirement Communities
09.13.10          8 Money Trends Shaping Seniors’ Lives
09.10.10          Advice for Widows and Older Couples, Too
09.08.10          Include Healthcare in Retirement Savings
09.05.10          Working Past 65 is Nothing New
09.03.10          It’s Time to Review Your Medicare Options
09.01.10          Guru Tom Peters’ 10 Tips to Senior Tom Peters

08.30.10          The Seven Deadly (Debt) Sins
08.27.10          Cheaper Reverse Mortgages May Be Coming
08.27.10          High-Tech Rx for Consumer Health Records
08.25.10          Disability Insurance Program Needs a Fix Now
08.23.10          7 Spending Cuts You Might Not Even Notice
08.20.10          How Age Friendly is Your Community?
08.18.10          How to Find the Best High-Dividend Stocks
08.16.10          Age Wave Points to Lower Economic Growth
08.13.10          Youth Movement at Retirement Communities
08.11.10          Social Security Still Keeping Its Promises
08.09.10          Social Security COLA Doesn’t Match Inflation
08.06.10          Join the Senior Entrepreneurial Stampede
08.04.10          A Dozen Big Questions About Aging in America
08.02.10          Digital Dilemmas for Social Security Deposits
07.30.10          Reverse Mortgages Aren’t Catching On
07.28.10          3 Must-Ask Questions for Closed End Funds
07.26.10          Social Security and Senior Financial Abuse
07.23.10          8 Financial Tips for Seniors Who Work
07.21.10          Feds Study Retirement Community Risks
07.19.10          Social Security Defenders Circling the Wagons
07.16.10          Medicare Advantage Plans Need Careful Study
07.14.10          Automatic 401(k)s Aid Retirement Readiness
07.12.10          Reinventing Retirement Becoming Boomer Model
07.09.10          8 Realities of the New Retirement
07.07.10          Seniors Owe Robert Butler Many Thanks
07.06.10          Senior-Student Mentoring Can Be Great Win-Win

06.30.10          Retirement Planning Tool Tracks Your Progress
06.28.10          Big Makeovers at Retirement Communities
06.25.10          10 Essentials for Successful Retirements
06.23.10          Social Security Looks Good From Here at 75
06.21.10          Experts Spotlight 8 Key Retirement Topics
06.18.10          Traditional Life Insurance Regains Appeal
06.17.10          Lifetime Income is an Elusive Goal
06.16.10          Financially, We’re All Conservatives Now
06.15.10          Recovery Favors Warm Retirement Locales
06.14.10          How the iPad Can Be a Senior Saver
06.11.10          Join the Senior Surge in Physical Fitness
06.09.10          5 Ways to Join the Personal Technology Party
06.07.10          Talk About End of Life Wishes Now
06.04.10          Annuity Buyers Seek Safety, Risk Guarantees
06.02.10          What You Need to Know About Annuities

05.28.10          How Deficit Reduction Will Affect Seniors
05.27.10          15 Tasks to Become Retirement Ready
05.26.10          Why You Should Get a Health Savings Account
05.24.10          10 Tax Breaks Likely to be Extended
05.21.10          Join 560 Million “Skypers” Making Free Calls
05.19.10          Time to Lock in Bargains for Senior Housing
05.17.10          8 Tips on Going Back to School
05.14.10          Cruise Industry Security Will Tighten
05.12.10          Good Health Raises Lifetime Care Costs
05.09.10          Retired Workers Will Be Wooed to Return
05.07.10          10 Ways to Downsize Your World
05.05.10          Crossroads for Retirement Investments Nears
05.02.10          $250 Medicare Checks Highlight 2010 Reforms

04.30.10          8 Travel Tips for the Summer
04.27.10          Long Term Care Costs Cheapest at Home
04.25.10          Healthy Mind at 90 Seeks Healthy Body at 60
04.23.10          10 Steps to View the Internet on Your TV
04.21.10          Anger is High but Tax Rates Aren’t
04.19.10          Pension Relief Delay May Harm Private Plans
04.16.10          Ways to Boost Income on Retirement Holdings
04.15.10          Health Stocks Should Prosper Under Reforms
04.14.10          Target Date Funds Gain Despite Critics
04.11.10          Appeal of Overseas Retirement Grows for Many
04.09.10          Seniors Should Find Right Doctor Mix Now
04.07.10          Optimism Returning Even Amidst Problems
04.05.10          How About Bailing Out Responsible Seniors?
04.02.10          Collecting: A Great Hobby for Retirees

03.31.10          Your Best Work May Be Yet to Come
03.29.10          Determine Your Future Social Security Benefits
03.26.10          Roth IRA Conversion Will Never Look Better
03.24.10          Recession May Change Your Relocation Choice
03.21.10          Surge in Multigenerational Households
03.18.10          Boomers Seeking Personalized Volunteering
03.17.10          Please Make End-of-Life Plans Now
03.14.10          Americans Still Dreamers — About Retirement
03.11.10          Generic Drug Savings Stuck in Passing Lane
03.10.10          Older Donors and Recipients Aid Transplants
03.07.10          Whatever We’re Doing, It’s Not Working
03.05.10          Americans Once Again Rolling With Their RVs
03.04.10          Retirement Community Economics Are Challenging
03.03.10          The New Reality of Senior Communities
03.01.10          Retirement Safety Comes with Earnings Cap

02.26.10          10 Trends in Longevity
02.24.10          Health Summit Should Be Must-See TV
02.22.10          4 Tips About New Credit Card Rules
02.19.10          8 Steps to Prepare for Your Final Act
02.17.10          What ‘Best Life’ Choices Do You Recommend?
02.15.10          Remember the Estate Tax? It’s Still Gone
02.12.10          Growing Reasons to Consider Medical Tourism
02.10.10          Major Income Tax Changes for 2009 Returns
02.08.10          How to Build Your Own Retirement Village
02.05.10          Design Awards Enable Aging in Place
02.03.10          Is it OK to Make Fun of Older People?
02.01.10          Obama Retirement Proposals Tell a Sad Story
01.29.10          How to Cut Retirement Fund Expenses
01.27.10          Home Repair Tips for Winter Damages
01.25.10          Unhappiness, Yes; Defeatism, No
01.22.10          4 Essential Steps to Financial Reality
01.21.10          Target Date Funds Up 27 Percent for Year
01.20.10          End-of-Life Medical Spending Not So Wasteful
01.18.10          8 Possible Social Security Benefit Changes
01.15.10          Best Consumer Stocks for a Recovering Economy
01.13.10          Now is the Time for Senior Housing Decision
01.11.10          Fact and Fiction Blur in 401(k) Fund Story
01.07.10          10 Reasons You Need a Pet

01.06.10          Many Medicare Enrollment Options Still Open
01.04.10          10 Money Tips for 2010


12.31.09          Your Guide to Social Security, Part Three
12.30.09          Your Guide to Social Security, Part Two
12.29.09          Your Guide to Social Security, Part One
12.23.09          Don’t Let Wealth Impede Good Decisions
12.22.09          10 Important Personal Technology Products
12.21.09          2010 Just Might Be a Good Year to Die
12.18.09          Senior Communities Cope With Hard Times
12.16.09          Housing Recovery Will Revive Retirement Plans
12.14.09          Let the Real Healthcare Debate Begin!
12.11.09          6 Ways to Find Returns When Interest Rates Are Zero
12.09.09          Let’s Stimulate a Recovery in Confidence
12.08.09          Aging Society Challenges Family Caregivers
12.07.09          Clock is Ticking on Estate Tax Sunset Rules
12.04.09          10 Great Dividend Stocks
12.03.09          2010 Medicare Drug Plans Need Careful Study
12.01.09          How to Apply for Those 1,000,000 Census Jobs

11.30.09          Say Bye-Bye to Buy-Buy Holiday Messages
11.24.09          See Where the Jobs Are for Older Workers
11.23.09          Act Now to Reverse 2009 Minimum Plan Payouts
11.20.09          Attractive and Functional Design Solutions for Aging Homeowners
11.19.09          Why Long-Term Care is So Hard to Provide
11.17.09          Ailing States Retirees May Want to Avoid
11.16.09          Financial Basics Easy to Find Online
11.13.09          2010 Medicare Changes Demand Careful Review
11.12.09          Retirement May Not Be a Casualty of Recession