Ask Phil

A Curated Archive of Reader Questions

Since the initial Get What’s Yours book was published in 2015, answering reader questions has become my major day job. At first, the questions were exclusively about Social Security. Topics broadened into aging and retirement after the “Ask Phil” column began appearing on the PBS website, “Making Sen$e.” When Get What’s Yours for Medicare was published in 2016, its complexity and confusion generated still more queries. And yet a new vein of questions was mined when Get What’s Yours for Health Care appeared in early 2021.

I’ve now developed detailed and updated answers to the most often-asked questions and placed them here – an “always current” e-book with extensive links to underlying rules and research. Unlike other books, even digital ones, this book will be regularly updated so that what you read here will always reflect what’s going on now, not what some article said three years or even three months ago.

If you need additional information, I’m here to answer your questions. And if you encounter something you think is wrong, please let me know. Infallibility is not part of my job description! These are complex and ever-changing topics. Web links and program rules change. Your help is central to keeping “Ask Phil” accurate and up to date.

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