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Current Social Security Benefits and Taxes

Contribution and Benefit Base

How You Earn Credits

Primary Insurance Amount

Average Indexed Monthly Earnings

Substantial Gainful Activity

my Social Security

SS Office Locator

Apply for Social Security Retirement Benefits

Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

Taxation of benefits

Retroactive Benefits

Full Retirement Age

Delayed Retirement Credits

Retirement Planner: 2015 Social Security Claiming Changes

Deeming for Retirement and Spouse’s Benefits

Earnings Test

How Work Affects Your Benefits

Benefits For Your Family
Includes Maximum Family Benefits, Benefits for Your Spouse, Benefits for Your Children, Benefits for Your Divorced Spouse, and How Do You Apply

Benefit Calculators

Early or Late Retirement?

Benefit Reduction for Early Retirement

Benefits for Spouses

Ex-spousal benefits

Survivor Benefits

If You Are the Survivor

Early survivor benefits

Remarriage rules for survivor benefits

Tax treatment of different types of income

Benefits for Children

Family Maximum Benefit

Formula for family maximum benefit

Combined Family Maximum Benefit

Understanding the Social Security Family Maximum

PIA and Family Maximum Computations

Average Indexed Monthly Earnings (AIME) PIA Chart

Family Maximum Chart

Social Security and Equivalent Railroad Retirement Benefits

Suspending Retirement Benefits

If You Change Your Mind

Request for Withdrawal of Application

Government Pension Offset

Windfall Elimination Provision

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA)

What Prisoners Need to Know

Social Security Disability Fee Agreements

Non-Medical Appeal

Form SSA-561 — Request for Reconsideration

Accidental Death
May permit earlier claiming eligibility

Policy for the scope of an application
Section D covers restricted applications
A claimant may choose to limit or restrict the scope of the application to exclude a class of benefits he or she may be eligible to on one or more SSNs for any reason (except where deemed filing applies). The reason may be to receive higher current benefits or to maximize the amount of benefits over a period of time, including the effect of delayed retirement credits (DRCs). (See RS 00615.480 for information on adjustment of the reduction factor.) Social Security Claimants

Form for appointing a legal representative