How your Social Security claiming age affects spousal benefits

Diana – Minnesota: I’m 71 and my ex-spouse is 67. I began drawing Social Security at age 62, and don’t know if my ex-spouse has begun drawing his Social Security or not. How should I proceed in order to apply for and receive ex-spousal benefits? And what benefit should I expect? Would it be based on his FRA (full retirement age) benefit, even though he hasn’t reached that age?

Phil Moeller: If you have been divorced for more than two years, you can apply for an ex-spousal benefit even if your ex- has not filed for Social Security.

Your benefit will be tied to his FRA benefit. However, because you filed for your own Social Security at 62, your ex-spousal entitlement will be much less than half of this FRA benefit. And if it turns out to be less than what you’re already receiving, you would get no additional payment.

While not wishing any ill will on your former husband, I should also note that the age at which you filed for your own benefits will not reduce your ex-survivor benefits should your former husband die before you.

If this happens, you would be entitled to receive an amount of money equal to the Social Security benefit he was receiving at the time of his death. If he had not yet filed when he died, Social Security would calculate your benefit as if he had filed on the day of his death.

Because you are already drawing your own Social Security, you would receive an additional payment equal to the amount by which his benefit exceeded yours.